Most Common Radiology Myths

Many myths about radiology exist that have been around for years and years. Chances are, you’ve heard many of the myths over the years and may be confused about what is and what is not honest, accurate information. Myths can certainly stay in your mind and cause confusion. We’ll help put that to an end by debunking a few common radiology myths below.

Radiology is Dangerous

Many people fear getting radiology performed because they believe it to be dangerous to their health when, in fact, radiology is given at low dose intervals, reducing or eliminating any potential harm. In fact, radiology is beneficial to doctors and their diagnosis and treatment of your medical conditions.

An MRI Will Provide the Same Results

An MRI is an entirely different type of testing that is used to detect different problems in different areas of the body. While they both examine the inside of the body, the results considerably vary from one form of testing to the next. Trust your doctor to make the best decisions concerning your health when radiology is recommended.

Radiation Will Make Me Sick

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It is rare that a patient will experience a side effect or illness due to the use of radiation. So long as a well-qualified doctor is chosen who uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques, you shouldn’t have any worries about radiation.

It is Painful

There isn’t any pain associated with a radiology procedure, however, some patients do find the tables they lie on during the procedure a bit uncomfortable. Luckily, if this worry is the only one that you must ponder, it was a good day.

The myths above certainly aren’t the only untruths out there, but they are among the most common. Don’t allow the myths about radiology edison nj stop you from getting the care that you, or a family member, needs know that the truth is on the line!