How Stretch Therapy Works

Thorough stretch therapy could be as long as thirty minutes. Infrared Therapy Birmingham sessions could last up to an hour if it includes a bonus sauna session. The work being done is carried out by, wait for it, certified stretchologists.

Yes, that is what they are calling themselves. Anyway readers should have known by now that stretching before and after a scheduled workout or sports event is of vital importance. In fact, stretching exercises should be a daily ritual, with or without the gym workout or track meet. It keeps the body’s muscles supple and warm.

It even helps to develop them and maintain its strength. Those who have ignored this important aspect of daily exercise may be best placed to tell others what happened next if you will. You got yourself injured. You pulled a muscle quite severely. And you may have been out of action for a while.

Anyway, this is how the developed infrared therapy works. The concept of stretching has evolved through the combination of fluid and guided movements with the infrared therapy. The therapy also stimulates the body’s circulatory system. It better oxygenates the body’s cells. When blood circulation is improved, toxins are able to flow from its cellular level to the surface.

Infrared Therapy Birmingham

This improves the cells’ health, assists in muscle recoveries and helps to strengthen the immune system. The body develops a sweat. The heart does start to beat a little quicker. This increases the body’s blood flow. And while circulation is being improved, blood pressure is being lowered. The therapy is also good for anti-ageing outcomes and as a form of relaxation therapy. Does this mean that wrinkles are reduced and muscles are being given a bit of a breather?

Not quite, but therapy does have a number of other benefits for the user.